All About Amanda


The itch to put words on paper is a sensation I’ve had all my life. In my opinion, back-to-school shopping should be considered a national holiday. Even now as I walk down the office supply aisles, crisp, clean, paper calls out between the covers of notebooks, begging me to fill them with stories.  Each story I write begins as a seed within the garden of these blank pages and grows from a handwritten idea to a full fledged novel.

Through Story Seedlings - a series of workshops, online courses and workbooks - I help other writers take their story ideas from whimsical daydreams to something more. More what? It depends on the writer. I use my passion, expertise, toolkit of strategies and healthy doses of encouragement to get that story out of your brain and onto the paper. What we do from there is another adventure.


When I am not hanging out in my writing world I am living a family-style-life in the great state of Wisconsin (Go Bucky!) with my husband and kids. We spend a lot of time with Legos, art supplies, at the baseball field, or with our incredible extended family. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Do you want to know the best thing about a story? Everyone has one to tell. Every. Single. Person. Stories can take you to faraway places and introduce you to new people. Stories can teach a lesson, make a connection, or give you a place to belong, even if that task seems nearly impossible in your real life.

And that’s why, as word nerd, I have the best job in the world.

As an author, I get to spend my days telling stories. I get to reach into my brain and create ideas and people and places that entertain, inspire and educate. As a workshop leader, presenter and story coach, I have the privilege of helping others birth their stories into the world. Can you imagine anything more wonderful? Me neither.

My publication list includes a variety of storytelling genres and age ranges with a little something for everyone. A picture book, a few middle grade chapter books,  two YA science fiction novels, a writing workbook and an adult novella all bare my name on their front covers. It’s a list I am proud of and am actively adding to, with an epic YA fantasy novel, more geocaching books and an adult writing workbook on the way.


amanda_teach JPEG.jpg

As a writer I use the abilities of keen observation, clear communication, impressive imagination, and the drive to finish what I start. (Eleven years of teaching experience and my BS and Masters Degrees in Education from the two fine institutions in the state of Wisconsin also come in handy.) I am also a champion inviter. If you spend more than five minutes with me, I will inevitably invite you somewhere… a baseball game, church, writing club, dinner. Life is more fun when you share it with others. Life is even better when you feel like you belong.

So come hang out with me. Between the covers of my books, in one of my workshops, on my blog, or on Facebook. As you read, write, explore and create in my word-nerd-world, I hope you feel right at home and comfortable enough to share your story with me… and eventually the world.