Word Nerd Amanda Zieba is the author of eight books!

The Birthday Cache

While twelve year old Mason Miles and his parents love their nomadic lifestyle living and working across the nation in their RV, his twin sister Molly is craving a normal life and scheming to put a stop to their endless road trip. For their twelfth birthday the twins open a GPS receiver and fall in love with the sport of geocaching. When they stumble upon a mysterious puzzle cache will their travels become interesting enough to change Molly's mind?

Champion Chocolatier

Emmy is a thirty year old stuck in a dead end job she hates, but life takes a pleasantly unexpected turn when she wins a Facebook contest to own and operate a chocolate shop in northern Minnesota. When she leaves the big city for a fresh start (despite knowing nothing about business or candy making) fun, romance and little mystery follow. Will her new business succeed before the December thirty first deadline? Will the cute guy from the store-next-door add to her sweet rewards or will he only be a disaster level distraction? Two tablespoons of big dreams, a dash chocolatey goodness, and a pinch of love. Step inside Sweet Shores Chocolate Store and enjoy this winning story recipe.

The Orphan Train Riders Series


Charles' Christmas Gift

When six year old Charles is orphaned he is sent from New York City to Colorado on the orphan train with nothing but a letter from his mother which tells him to be brave and find a new family to love. Will he find the gift of love before Christmas? (Target age 7-11)


Joanna's Journey

The only life Joanna has ever known is one of hardship in orphanages and living on the streets. When she accidentally joins up with a group of children headed out of New York City on an orphan train, her life changes. Although she's not sure if it's for the better or worse. Will Joanna ever find a place where she belongs? (Target age 7-11)


Irish Strong William

William has traveled to America from Ireland with the hope of finding a better life. Unfortunately, things do not go well for William in the new country and he is separated from his family. Will William be Irish Strong enough to ride on the orphan train a new home in a new country? (Target age 7-11)

The Surface Series (YA)

The inventive undersea world of Amanda Zieba’s BREAKING THE SURFACE and BRIDGING THE TIDES should appeal to fans of Ally Condie’s ATLANTIA.
— Polly Holyoke, author of THE NEPTUNE PROJECT

Breaking the Surface

When Flynn gets the chance to leave her home on the ocean floor to spend some time on the surface, she has a long list of things to do. Things like: make friends, eat a cheeseburger, go to the beach, shop, go on a date and get her driver's license. She didn't really expect "reverse a science experiment gone wrong" or "save family from impending doom" to show up on the list. But now that they have, what will she do? This book is author Amanda Zieba's young adult debut. It is an original dystopian that promises to deliver readers with drama and adventure. Join Flynn as she navigates the perils of high school and as she figures out how to define "home". (Target age 10-16)


Bridging the Tides

When you’re 16 it’s supposed to be you against your world history test, you against the mean girl, you against your fear of rejection by the cutest guy ever. For best friends Flynn and Nora, these are battles they fight every day. But they aren’t the only problems they face. Due to an experiment gone wrong, they have much, much bigger fish to fry. They’re going to need the help of all their friends, above water and below, as well as a few new ones, to solve them. Bridging the Tides picks up where Breaking the Surface left off. Flynn and Professor Sorenson have arrived at the ARK to help Caspian and the rest of the crew battle Adonis and his army of Water Warriors. Dark and dangerous deeds are happening underwater, but not all the fish in the sea are pleased with Adonis’ plan. When new recruits join the ARK Allies and new information is discovered, the crew finds reasons to believe in a bright future. Will the crew manage to find their parents, stop the evil underwater? Will they find the bridge leading to their happy ending above water and below? This sequels tops the first and readers who love adventure, romance, science fiction, action and suspense will not be disappointed. (Target age 10-16)


Standalone Books


Pauly Wants to Doodle All the Day (Picture Book)

Poor Pauly. All he wants to do is draw and doodle all day long! But he has to go to school and do chores. Will he ever find time to just do what he loves? Read and sing along with Pauly to the classical folk tune: Polly Wolly Doodle All the Day. (Target age 4-8)

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