Word Nerd Amanda Zieba is also a teacher!

Educational materials and resources I have created are available in the Teachers Pay Teachers Store.  In my Word Nerd store you can find ELA content including novel unit studies, creative writing resources, performance tasks and more!! Here are a few of my favorites! You can also find unity study guides (that include discussion questions, chapter quizzes, vocabulary work, journal questions and extension activities) for my children’s books HERE.


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Amanda also writes for teachers.

Why I Read YA

If you were to see me, an adult woman, in an airport or lounging on my couch, reading a teen lit novel, you might roll your eyes and think I have been seduced by the latest teen media craze. But I don’t care what you think, I have my own reasons. 

The Evolution of my Classroom Read Aloud

While waiting to disembark for my honeymoon my phone rang and I was offered a position within my school district as a reading teacher. Best. Wedding. Present. Ever. I spent the next week basking in the Mexican sun in a state of euphoric newlywed, newly hired, bliss. For many hours that week I lay by the water reading. True to my inner dork, I was reading middle grade lit. Inkheart by Cornelia Funke, to be precise. Oh how I fell in love with the book about loving books. Who hasn’t wished to slip between the pages of their favorite novel and live in a fantastic world full of adventure? I couldn’t put this book down and I couldn’t wait to share it with my students. Conveniently, it was August and I wouldn’t have to wait long. 

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