Author Visits

Sure writing takes place mostly by yourself, and reading books is often a solo event too, but this word-nerd is a big time extrovert. I love hanging out with people and talking about books and writing. If you want someone to talk to a group of people who love words, or maybe you want them to love them a little more than they already do, then I'm your girl. 

I have been everywhere and talked about everything word related. Here's a quick menu of options. If you don't see what you are looking for on the list, just email me and I'm happy to talk to you and plan your perfect event. 



Book Clubs

Community Literacy Events

Book Festivals/Conferences/Conventions

Senior Centers

And More!

Types of Presentation

Whole School/Grade Level/Large Group

Small group workshops (5-30 people, all ages)

Craft Talks (Writing skills/self-publishing)

Book Discussion 

Educational Material Sales

And More!


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