Station 11 Inspired Anthology!

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My local writing group WWInk (Women  Writers Ink) is sponsoring an anthology project in connection with            La Crosse Reads. This spring many of us read the book, Station 11 by Emily St. John Mandel and then have been participating in activities around town in connection with the story themes. This anthology, in my word nerd opinion, is the coolest opportunity of them all. Here are some of the important details!

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Several people attended the initial Station 11 Write In and started their stories, but we need more to fill up our anthology! Simply write your story based on one of the three prompts below and email your submission directly to me. I will email you once I receive your short story and also again on August 13 to let you know if your work will be included in the final, published piece. 

A few last minute reminders... 

1. You do not need to be a member of WWInk to contribute to the anthology.

2. You do not need to have read Station 11 to participate. This novel was merely our inspiration and foundation for our desire to write a post-apocalyptic story. 

3. You can email me with any questions.

4. Check out this slide show with all of the details before starting! 

5. The deadline is FRIDAY, JULY 13!!!

Happy writing! 

A Word Nerd Writing Workshop and Retreat! 

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Join me at the beautiful Stambaugh House at the Green Lake Conference Center for a hybrid writing opportunity that is part retreat and part workshop. Writers will have both the opportunity to learn new writing skills and also have dedicated solo-writing time to put those skills into action.

Each day we will start with a morning prompt, followed by individual writing time, lunch and then a group workshop. Evenings will be dedicated to enjoying each other's company while also engaging in entertaining literary activities. 

Price for lodging, meals, workshops and SWAG bag is $425. Click HERE to learn more and register. 

Story Seedlings is coming back in May 2018!

Story Seedlings is a one month membership to an online writing community in which we will work to write 23 scenes of a story. Monday through Thursday we will focus on a different story element including, but not limited to: character, setting, conflict, theme, point of view, resolution as well as tips, tricks and techniques on dialogue, tension, word choice, figurative language and those intangible X FACTORS our favorite authors all seem to be able to wield. Fridays will be dedicated to free writing any aspect of your project you choose and weekends are designated for rest and catching up. You will also get the opportunity to hang out virtually with some pretty awesome word nerds and make some new writing friends. ($75)

Click HERE to learn more and purchase your spot! 

"Fiction is a new writing format for me, and Amanda makes it a joy to learn how to do it!  She demystifies the process and breaks down the emotional barriers to creativity through a spirit of fun, imagination, and collaboration.  She also provides a process that helps you take small but significant steps towards building and refining a story. Amanda puts people at ease and immediately starts building a sense of discovery and community among any group of aspiring writers who are fortunate to come into her friendly and knowledgeable orbit."             - Jodi Vandenberg-Daves, author of Modern Motherhood, An American History

"I signed up for Amanda’s Story Seedlings. Although showing up to write every week day for an entire month is a challenge, I wanted to do this for exactly that reason. Amanda’s writing prompts are fun, varied, and cover a wide spectrum of possibilities. This was the first time that I had ever attempted to write fiction, and Amanda is very encouraging for first timers. Her prompts are structured to guide you through the awkward first steps, and as a writer, you feel so good at having accomplished the writing objective of the day. Thanks to this 30 day daily grind, I saw my protagonist in the stages of creation, and this character’s physical looks, background, passions, missions, personality flaws have been born. It’s very exciting to see that happen and I’m in a place now where I never would have been before." - Teri Holford Talpe, leader of Luna/Wwink writing group



Word Nerd Amanda Zieba even writes about writing!

The Power of  Little Free Libraries for Indie Authors

As I reflect on the launch of my most recent book, I noticed that many aspects of sharing my words with the world remained the same. The typical author paranoia was present. The prolific social media posting was also there. And of course there was the incredible sense of accomplishment that overshadowed all the worries as I held the finished product in my hands.But the one thing that was different this time around was the mention of Little Free Libraries. 

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